WordyMe about Career

Group Decision

2019-12-15: After three rotations, Yumeng successfully joined Prof.Chen’s lab!

Yumeng Passed Prospectus!

2021-04-06: Yumeng passed the first Ph.D. milestone!

Yumeng Passed ORP!

2021-12-13: Now Yumeng is a Ph.D. candidate!

2022 BPS Meeting

2022-02-18: Yumeng’s first time to conference!

Chalk Talk

2022-11-02: The first time Yumeng gave talks in public!

2023 ResearchFest

2023-08-27: Yumeng was selected to give a talk on ResaerchFest!

Hi! Dr. Zhang!

2023-12-13: After 4.5 years, Yumeng successfully passed the Ph.D. defense!