Yumeng Passed Prospectus!


2021-04-06: Yumeng passed the first Ph.D. milestone!


Too stressful!!! But! Yumeng passed it!

(Though her manuscript is shitty…)

lol1 lol2

Written by a many-many years later Yumeng:

Life is a big drama that can show everyone everything. I remembered the days and night in S585 before prospectus. That time, the document seems to be the heavest stone that press me down. 

Then it happens. Life can be so easily changed by just one thing, a thing. 

I initially want to tell myself, "see, sorrow lasts seconds but life lasts till end."

But I suddenly think, I do undergo these, those, and many things. It's ok for me to cry and no need to be calm.

In any case, you are good Yumeng!!