WordyMe about Life

Trip at Prague!

2019-06-30: memorible for the whole life!!

Hi! Amherst!

2019-08-15: Yumeng’s arrival at Amherst to pursue her Ph.D career!

Hi! Tricky!

2019-11-01: Yumeng picked up her daughter! Tricky!

Bye 2021

2022-01-01: New year!

Hi! Mom!

2022-02-22: re-union after 904 days!

Mom, Happy Birthday!

2022-05-13: 1096 days after last in-person celebration!

Mom's farewell trip!

2022-07-02: I like this travel!! Super organized Yumeng!!

HotBallon Trip!

2022-07-28: Enjoable!!!

Cape Cod Trip!

2023-06-30: Enjoable!!!

RI Travel!

2024-05-25: Rhode Island travel with Dad.