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About Yumeng:

Heyooo! I am Yumeng Zhang, I am a computational biochemist. I currently work as a postdoc associate at Prof. Zhang’s Lab. My current research interest is to use machine-learning and Molecular dynamics simulations to understand the large scale biomolecular activities (like liquid-liquid phase separation.)

I had my Ph.D. degree from University of Massachusetts Amherst on 2024 Feb. I was a grad student in Prof. Chen’s lab. (Many unforgettable and vivid memories there! wow!)

I am still not 100% sure about the direction of my future career… But I am walking on the academic path towards science (for now, on 2024).

Life Yumeng is a father of two cats (Tricky and Twinkle), a lover of video games, and ACGer.

Drude Drude

About Yumeng’s research

Multi-scale advanced sampling methods.

“See this powerful coarse-grained model!!” Hyres, HyRes II

Multi-scale simulations for biomolecules.

“See these biomolecular dynamics!!”

Liquid-liquid Phase separation

“See the dynamics of the membraneless organelles (top) and biomolecular condensate (down)!” LLPS