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Hi! This is Yumeng, currently a chemistry grad student in UMass Amherst. I am doing some simulation concerning research in Prof.Chen’s lab. Here, we bridge the bio-system (i.e., membrane proteins, tumor proteins, and cellular systems) with atomistic/coarse-grained MD simulations. We also develope the enhanced sampling methods for more accurate and faster samplings :3

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Breif introductions to Yumeng’s research interest =w=

Multi-scale advanced sampling methods.


“I am constructing both coarse-grained model and advanced sampling method that can help sample the intrinsically disordered proteins more accurately and efficiently.”

Multi-scale simulations for biomolecules.

“Applying the developed sampling methods, I studies bunches of biological systems that play critical roles in human body, like the tumor suppressor p53. Recently, I am playing with WNV NS2B/NS3 proteases, to see their conformational changes, on/off bindings and dynamics in nanopore. This is a project collaborated with the other group, which is super interesting and joyful!!”

Coarse-grained simulations for LLPS.

” With high accuracy of HyRes II model, especially the unique feature of the model on IDP descriptions, I am moving to using the model to study the liquid-liquid phase separation behaviors for biological systems! Let’s see to which step we can reach!”

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Ah! Btw, I am also a father of two baby kitties, Tricky&Twinkle!! Tricky came to me on 2019/11/01, the third month I came abroad for my Ph.D. study. She was named tricky since she missed the Halloween and I couldn’t give her a treat. Twinkle was picked up on 2022/01/22. And she also becomes a light to shed tricky&my life in a very specific period. I so love my babies that they are really my treasure! Every moment in my life, they accompany with me, confort me, encourage me, and warm me. It’s my biggest lucky to meet and live with them!! Miao~~

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Finally, it’s so nice to meet you! Yumeng is also a game player that she enjoys bunches of games, especially Metroidvania. Her favorite one is ‘ori and the blind music’, which has super super beautiful main theme music (as well as story). She recently is playing Hollow Knight… well! It’s too hard… Another kind of game she favors is simulation. (It’s common that simulation people like simulation games, right~). When she is sometimes tired, she will log in to her island on animal crossing to relax.

“To all my friends, the night is young, the music is loud, then play our song!”